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12 thoughts on “Register your support

  1. I’ve known and worked with Luke for the last 15 years. His sound political judgement is matched only by his absolute dedication to the Labour cause. The sooner he’s back on the NEC, the better.

  2. Luke is a proper socialist, who puts party first – without exception. That’s why we need his campaign intelligence and experience on the NEC.

  3. Having known Luke for over 20 years, he is is one of the most committed and dedicated people I know in the Labour Party. He is a tireless campaigner across the country and knows what it takes to win elections and advocate policies that will help make us electable. His knowledge of the party is second to none and I have no doubt that he would be a strong voice for constituencies on the NEC.

    Cllr Martin Whelton
    London Assembly candidate for South West

  4. Chippenham CLP, youth officer.

    Luke is an active campaigner and a credit to the labour party. He is willing to put objectivity and fairness above any factional links and as such I am backing him to represent me on the NEC.

  5. Luke was my local Councillor for many years. No one worked harder for the local community whilst still playing an active and effective role in the Party nationally. He represents those of us who actually want to win elections – so let’s make sure he wins this one!

  6. Corby Borough Council.
    Corby & East Northamptonshire CLP Youth Officer.

    Luke is a credit to The Labour Party, its representitives and activists. He is absolutely commited to help returning Labour to government at the next election. He works tirelessly to do this. Wheter thats trying to help us transform into a credible party of opposition ready to take the relms of power and deliver a socially progressive Labour government. Or whether its the sheer hardwork he puts into campaigning to help Labour MPs and Councillors to be elected. Im sure if Luke is returned to the NEC he will help champion this great party back to where it belongs, in power.

  7. Luke is the kind of NEC member we really need, who as the integrity, courage
    and foresight to ensure that Labour is electable.

  8. I was a friend and colleague of your Grandfather at college in 1935. I am afraid that I can only support you in that I want a sound opposition,from a party not held to ransom by a minority which makes it gently absurd . At that point I
    would consider where my allegiances should lie. I want a siituation where the Parties respect each other, offer to us little people well thought out reasonable ideas bereft of privilege and where above all a clear hold is taken on finance. The present situation leaves room for completely unacceptable practices at EVERY LEVEL ,and throughout society. As an old man, nearly 100, I look across our land and am disgusted. Corinne is marvellous

  9. As A new member I am looking to people like Luke to lead the party out of the present mess and make Labour electable again

    Paul Thompson
    Sunderland Central CLP

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