Luke’s record on the NEC, 2010-2012

I’m proud of my record on the NEC in my previous term from 2010-2012. I want to get back on the NEC so I can do more for Labour and our members.

Being on the NEC gave me the opportunity to contribute at the highest level on the issues where I have most expertise, developing party organisation and election campaigning, and to travel the country listening to and hopefully giving heart to our fantastic members. I would like to make this contribution again.

On the NEC I:

  • helped ensure Refounding Labour introduced changes such as decent funding for small CLPs so they can actually resource campaigning,
  • backed All Women Shortlists in seats where this was in dispute like Redcar and Bristol South,
  • fought alongside Dennis Skinner at Organisation Committee to ensure we ran a Labour candidate in every Police Commissioner election,
  • worked with Ann Black to ensure democratic council selections in Birmingham,
  • defended Ed Balls’ and Ed Miliband’s economic strategy when it came under attack,
  • chaired sessions of the 2011 and 2012 Annual Conferences fairly and even-handedly,
  • voted for Iain McNicol to be a transforming new General Secretary.

I acted at every point for members and their interests and I did everything I could to report  both in writing and in person to members so they could hold me accountable.

I did not compromise on my politics because there is no point holding political office if it is not to champion the causes you believe in.


At what I hope was not my final NEC meeting in 2012 with Ed Miliband!

3 thoughts on “Luke’s record on the NEC, 2010-2012

  1. I am a member of the Bury North CLP , that is supporting your nomination. I am interested in your opinion of how and if you would support our current , democratically elected leader.

    • I don’t support Jeremy Corbyn. I am standing to give a voice to members who don’t support him. I don’t think his political views or his skill set or experience or record to date mean he is fit to be Leader.

  2. His record to date in all elections is exemplary . As is his defeating of the Tories on major bills in the HoC , since becoming leader.
    If you actually mean that he is TOO socialist , you should say so…..

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