Endorsements 2012

Elliott Adair, Castle Point CLP:

“I am supporting you for NEC because you are a great party activist and a good campaigner, that deserves to be on the NEC. We need more activists and down to earth individuals on the national executive, to keep the party in the interests of its members.”

Richard Angell, Deputy Director, Progress:

“Luke is a great NEC member. He stands up for members and helps keep the debate focused on winning the next election. His hard work and record is one to be very proud of for a first term NEC member.”

Josephine Bacon, Holborn & St Pancras CLP:

“Luke is deeply committed, exceptionally knowledgeable, and has a long history of involvement in Labout politics.”

Andy Bagnall, Croydon Labour activist and former Head of Party Networks on the David Miliband Campaign:

“You know where you stand with Luke representing you. He’s hard working, principled and loyal to a fault. I know Luke as a local councillor and activist which means he always listens to the views of members and stands up for their interests on the NEC.”

Ivana Bartoletti, Hackney N & SN CLP:

“Luke is a fantastic campaign manager in Hackney, extremely helpful and supportive. He knows the party inside out, and is always willing to propose and embrace change. His commitment to members is a great asset for the NEC and for the party.”

Cllr Cecile Biant, Rochdale MBC:

“I shall be voting for Luke for the NEC although I have never met him. I like what he stands for, his record, enthusiasm, and obvious organisational skills. I believe he would be a good advocate for people like me across the country, and the constituents I represent.”

Cllr Pete Bowyer, Vauxhall CLP:

“Luke is a very hard working member of the NEC with a lifelong commitment to progressive politics within the Labour Party. I’ve been very impressed with what he’s achieved on the NEC this year.”

Cllr Gideon Bull, Tottenham CLP:

“I have known Luke for many years. He is a hard working and conscientious person who is commitment to fairness and social justice. I am happy to support Luke’s candidacy.”

Cllr Darren Clifford, Morecambe & Lunesdale CLP:

“I’m supporting Luke, because we need a strong progressive voice on the NEC to lead the fighback against this pernicious government.”

Stella Creasy MP:

“Whether you agree with Luke or not, his commitment to Labour and its future is beyond doubt. Having him and his determination to work hard to see the party succeed on the NEC can only strengthen our movement”

Cllr Unmesh Desai, London Labour Regional Board

“I am supporting you for NEC because in your current tenure you have successfully done what I expect NEC members to do at the very least: -listen to members’ views and report back -engage directly with the membership by attending CLP meetings and participating/ assisting with their campaigning activities – assist in policy development and debate in a constructive, depersonalized and non-sectarian way which always strives to put the interests of the party first and foremost, your role in the ‘Refounding Labour’ working party being a good example. Also as a trade unionist I value your commitment to maintaining and developing our party’s links with the unions and their membership whose concerns should remind us why we are in politics and what our political priorities should be, above all getting a London Labour Mayor and a Labour government.”

Cllr Michael Desmond, London Borough of Hackney:

“Luke is incisive, lucid, pragmatic and forthright.”

Cllr Keith Dibble, Labour Group Leader, Rushmoor Borough Council:

“Luke is committed to building Labour and supporting CLPs in rural areas and parts of the south that are not natural core territory. This comes from his own early years in the Party in Kent. As our parliamentary candidate in Aldershot in 2001 he fought a textbook campaign that took on both the Tories and Lib Dems, as well as ensuring we supported a key seat in Portsmouth North. As a Unite member I know Luke is also a very committed trade unionist who works to make the union link a reality.”

Ben Dilks, Labour Students LGBT Officer:

“Luke has has been a fantastic representative for ordinary party members during his time on the NEC. He’s always keen to listen to people’s views and he regularly posts updates to keep members in the loop.”

Michael Dugher MP:

“I have known Luke for the best part of 20 years. He is, without doubt, one of the hardest working Labour party campaigners in the country. He cares deeply about ensuring there is a strong voice for our members at the top of our organisation, and has been a powerful champion on the NEC for grassroots members”.

Ben Evetts, Camberwell & Peckham CLP:

“Luke is a true representative of what the modern Labour party should be – pragmatic, open to the opinions of the country at large and prepared to make a stand for issues that occasionally conflict with those on the traditional left.  I believe the party has to continue to modernise and listen to the country, rather than just our core vote. Luke has that skill and  is an important voice at the centre of our party’s leadership as we campaign for victory in 2015.”

Jamie Hanley, Chair Pudsey CLP (PPC, Pudsey GE 2010)

“I wholeheartedly endorse Luke as one of our NEC reps.  His reports back from NEC meetings are always comprehensive.  He is accessible to members – he recently travelled from London to Leeds to attend my local GC meeting – and genuinely consults about key issues.  I believe he is a strong and honest voice for members on the NEC and I hope all members will vote for him.”

Cllr Michael Harris, Lewisham East CLP:

“Luke is a passionate and intelligent voice within the Labour movement. He has been a real champion of member participation in the structures of the party, and his reports back from the NEC are open and concise. He deserves a second term.”

Mike Haywood, Sittingbourne & Sheppey CLP:

“Luke works hard on behalf of local constituency parties and keeps us informed of what is happening on the NEC.”

Adam Jogee, Chair, Hornsey Labour Party:

“Luke’s passion for our party, commitment to its members and progressive mind make him a key member of the NEC. He campaigns, he engages and he supports – key attributes that we need at the party’s top table. I am delighted to support him and urge others to do so too.”

Stuart King, Editor, Southern Front Website:

“Luke Akehurst understands the challenge Labour faces if we are to win again in the south; that’s why I have no hesitation in supporting him for re-election to the NEC.”

Peter Lamb, Crawley CLP:

“Luke’s many years of experience at all levels of the party and his calm, moderate judgement, makes him an essential member of the NEC during these difficult times.”

Paul Lynch, St Helens S & Whiston CLP:

“As a tough and fair voice for members on the NEC, Luke has earned my admiration again and again.”

Seema Malhotra MP:

“Luke is a very hard working NEC member and party activist. You always know that he will take the time to think through issues and be clear about his concerns. He’s a good listener – even with those who disagree with him and open to having his views tested. His commitment to the Labour Party is second to none. I have also always appreciated his support in engaging new members and particularly more women in the party.”

John Mann MP:

“I shall be voting for Luke because he is someone who members can trust to act with integrity on the NEC. He does what he says he will do, is transparent about his beliefs, and reports back so he is accountable. These are important qualities for our most senior lay members who we trust with upholding our rules and constitution.”

Godwyns Onwuchekwa:

“While many other politicians become out of touch and far from the community once elected to a position, Luke has remained part and parcel of the community working hard, knocking on doors, and being accessible to all in the community.”

Cllr Rory Palmer, Deputy Mayor of Leicester:

“Luke says it like it is: a strong voice for the grassroots who gets around the country to engage with members. As a councillor, Luke is also an important advocate for Labour’s local government base.”

Luke Pollard, Member, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport CLP:

“Whether it is through his blog, his tweets or face to face Luke has always made an effort to bring the work of the NEC closer to Members. When so much damage is being done by the Government we need Labour firmly on the path to recovery. For that reason we need people like Luke on the NEC helping steer a clear course back to power for Labour.”

Cllr Sally Prentice, Vauxhall CLP:

“Luke has worked very hard on behalf of party members and brings wise advice and good judgement to the NEC.  As a long serving local councillor, I think the NEC benefits from having Luke’s expertise and track record of campaigning and serving the residents of Hackney.  Luke appreciates the importance to Labour nationally of having a strong effective local government base.”

Jackie Reilly, Castle Point CLP:

“Luke is extremely hard working and is a tireless advocate for the Labour Party. He was an exemplary parliamentary candidate and is a dedicated and inspiring campaign organiser. He has done a superb job representing us on the NEC and I will be most certainly voting for him and supporting his re-election.”

Marcus Roberts, Field Director, Ed Miliband for Leader Campaign 2010 (personal capacity):

“Luke is the organisers’ organiser. To win elections listen to him. If you don’t you’ll lose.”

Theo Robertson-Bonds, Vice Chair, Mole Valley CLP:

“I feel Luke’s pragmatic approach over the past years makes him an excellent candidate for the NEC. He supports a nationwide Labour party without ‘fear of the South’, something that I believe to be a must as a member of a CLP in Tory-controlled Surrey.”

Cllr Mark Rusling, Chingford & Woodford Green CLP:

“It’s vital that the NEC has people on it who have actually taken decisions and been in power. Luke has done that in Hackney – now a flagship Labour borough. I’ll be voting for him, and I’d urge all Labour councillors to do the same!”

Hopi Sen, Labour blogger:

“When it comes to being the membership’s voice on the NEC, I want someone who’ll listen to members, but also be strong enough to make our views heard at the top. I don’t always agree with Luke, but because I know he won’t just tell me what I want to hear, I know he’ll always stand up for what he thinks is right for our party. That’s why I want him on our NEC.”

Doug Silverstone, Chesham & Amersham CLP:

“I have always admired your integrity and dedication to the Labour party. I’ve found you knowledgable on most issues and whilst I don’t always agree with your viewpoint (or even regularly agree), I have always felt that its because of strongly held beliefs, and I’ve enjoyed discusssing differences. It’s clear you have the best interests of the party at the heart of everything that you do.”

John Slinger, Rugby CLP:

“Luke has the skills and experience, gained as a councillor and in many other positions, to do this job. More importantly, he helps make the NEC a more outward looking body which is vital as Labour seeks re-election in the years to come.”

John Spellar MP:

“We need people on the NEC who are focussed on the practical politics of making Labour electable and giving us the campaign machine we need. Luke understands how to get voters to choose Labour, and how to organise to win.”

Cllr Matt Strong, Manchester Withington CLP:

“I am supporting Luke for re-election to the NEC because he has been a sensible voice for party members over the last two years. He also has a huge amount of experience as a campaigner: whether that’s through social media, in the town or on the doorstep.”

Sarah Ward, Former NEC Member:

“Luke’s energy and his commitment is always inspiring, but it’s his knowledge and keenness for genuine debate that make me want to support him. Labour though and through, and a campaigner to his core, I’m proud to back Luke Akehurst.”

2 thoughts on “Endorsements 2012

  1. I think it’s safe to say that Luke and I disagree on many fundamentals. He is wrong on many aspects of both policy and labour movement organisation.

    Nevertheless, if what you want from an NEC member is organisational rigour in respect of elections, and an understanding that that’s what the NEC is for, then Luke’s your man.

    That is what I want from the NEC. For that reason I’ll be voting for Luke in the NEC elections.

  2. Never met him, but watched his work and ideas so I know Luke is rational, Labour to the core ,democratic socialist, experienced, rank and filer,working for change with brains – and he’ll make a great,representative NEC member again.

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