Endorsements 2016

MPs and Peers

“We need NEC members who will deliver blunt home truths to the leadership about what will and won’t win the marginal seats which we need to form a Labour government. Luke will do that.”
Ian Austin MP

“We need people on the NEC who will make a firm stand for common sense and an electable, united Labour Party, and who can stand up to and call out sectarianism and bullying. Luke’s track record shows he has the strength of character to help steer Labour out of its current troubles.”
Tom Blenkinsop MP

“I have had the privilege to work with Luke Akehurst over many years, including serving alongside him on the NEC. I cannot think of a better person to represent this party and its principles on the NEC.”
Michael Cashman (Lord Cashman)

“Luke has consistently been a formidable Labour campaigner gaining council seats from Tories, Lib Dems and Greens. We need people with that kind of track record on the NEC – unifying, campaigning, winning power and using it to transform lives. That’s what democratic socialism in practice is about.”
Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP

“Luke was an invaluable NEC member: diligent, creative, always driving the Party forward.”
Peter Hain (Rt Hon Lord Hain)

“I have known and worked with Luke for over 25 years. He is hard working, diligent and Labour through and through. He has served on our NEC before, standing up for members and with your support he will again.”
Roy Kennedy (Lord Kennedy of Southwark)

“Never met him, but watched his work and ideas so I know Luke is rational, Labour to the core, democratic socialist, experienced, rank and filer, working for change with brains – and he’ll make a great, representative NEC member again.”
Neil Kinnock (Lord Kinnock)

“Luke has the experience and determination to speak up for the views of mainstream Party members and isn’t afraid to challenge the Party hierarchy in pursuit of a Labour government. If we’re to have a fighting chance at the next election, we need a balanced NEC more than ever.”
Chris Leslie MP

“Luke knows the formidable challenges we face to win the next general election and will work relentlessly to meet them. He will bring experience and drive to the work of the NEC.”
Peter Mandelson (Rt Hon Lord Mandelson)

“As an NEC member, Luke was one of the few who took the time to report back regularly and campaign for Labour candidates in elections across the country. His campaigning experience will be invaluable to Labour as we try to rebuild to win a general election in 2020.”
Wes Streeting MP

Parliamentary Candidates

“Luke will be a champion for members’ democratic voices across the country and has recognised the need in particular to support local parties outside London and the need to regenerate our rural and coastal parties. Luke is passionate and honest about his beliefs and we need him on the NEC to make the unwavering case for how Labour can beat the Tory Government in 2020.”
Jess Asato (Labour’s Candidate in marginal seat Norwich North in 2015)

“Luke is an indefatigable campaigner and lifelong labour loyalist who I have had the pleasure to campaign beside for some years. Luke believes in the transformative power of Labour politics for working people and is a solid trade unionist. Even when we have differences he is able to discuss them with respect and this determination to work with all who share our values and want to put them into action is one of the many reasons I wholeheartedly endorse his campaign to be on the NEC.”
Polly Billington (Labour Candidate for Thurrock in 2015)

“Luke came to speak at the Hertford & Stortford CLP Annual Dinner when I was living over in that constituency. It’s hardly the centre of the Labour universe but he recognises that all Labour members are valuable and the importance of building up our activist base in each and every constituency. He also recognises the need for Labour to reach out to Tory voters.

Luke is the kind of workhorse that keeps the Labour show in the road. He has demonstrated his loyalty to the party by working equally hard for candidates regardless of what wing of the party they are on. If Labour is going to win in 2020 then we need his kind of work ethic and sense of Labour solidarity”.
Rachel Burgin (Labour Candidate for Hitchin & Harpenden 2015)

“Luke has marked the heartbeat of Labour for the last decade at least. His instincts are radical, realistic and Labour through and through. On the NEC he was the authentic voice of Labour grassroots – the people who knock on doors and make a difference in our communities. Also he is a nice bloke.”
Cllr Duncan Enright (Leader of West Oxfordshire District Labour Group and Labour Candidate against David Cameron in 2015)

Luke is a grafter. When he was on the NEC he attended our GC in Pudsey – a 450 mile round trip – to listen to members who were concerned about a particular issue. We need that from our reps – real effort and commitment – if ordinary members are to have a voice at the top of our Party.
Jamie Hanley (Secretary, Pudsey CLP and Parliamentary Candidate for Pudsey in 2015).

“I have known Luke for over 25 years and his commitment to the Labour Party and campaigning to elect Labour candidates at all levels remains undimmed. We need that practical commitment and his loyalty to due process and the rules of the party back on the National Executive Committee.”
Mary Wimbury (North Wales Assembly Candidate and former parliamentary candidate for Aberconwy)

Other Activists

“You know where you stand with Luke. His loyalty to the Party is unwavering. Now, more than ever, we need people like Luke on the NEC.”
Andy Bagnall, Chair, Croydon South CLP

“Luke Akehurst is a voice for the sort of common sense much needed on the NEC. Luke has been a valued trade union colleague over many years and is a staunch defender of the union link. I would urge people to vote for Luke for the NEC.”
Cllr Tom Beattie (Leader, Corby Borough Council)

“Luke is a terrific champion for our members, activists and councillors – he’s been a leading activist himself for over 20 years. Members need their voices heard loudly at the NEC and Luke is the outstanding choice.”
Cllr Nick Crofts (President of the Co-operative Group; Chair, Liverpool Labour Group)

“Luke Akehurst has the unique experience as a councillor, parliamentary candidate, party organiser, trade unionist and former NEC member to represent party members on the National Executive Committee. Luke will not be afraid to make the difficult decision the party has to take to make Labour electable and fit for purpose to fight and win the next General Election.”
Cllr Keith Dibble (Aldershot CLP and Chair South East Labour Regional Board)

“Since our Labour Student days, I’ve always known Luke to be a committed, grassroots campaigner with an excellent eye for strategy and detail. Labour Party members require NEC members who understand the challenge and have the knowledge and skills to take the fight to the Tories.”
Gurinder Singh Josan (Warley CLP & Vice Chair of Sikhs for Labour)

“Luke is the kind of NEC member we really need, who has the integrity, courage and foresight to ensure that Labour is electable.
Michael Leahy OBE (Former General Secretary of Community trade union)

“I have known Luke for over 25 years and I have never met anyone who has worked harder for the Labour Party. He has spent all the time he can give working for his branch and constituency Labour parties, campaigning in his Trade Union and as a Labour Councillor. His work rate comes from a deep commitment to the communities the Labour Party is there to represent and he will give the same commitment to members as your NEC representative.”
Ian Moss

“Luke is a tireless campaigner, an excellent strategist and a steadfast advocate of the rights of members and trade unions. In Hackney he helped transform a broken party into a feared electoral machine and was respected across the political spectrum. Labour needs comradely voices of moderation right now and I sincerely hope he’s returned to the NEC.”
Patrick Moûle (Hackney North CLP and Labour Party Irish Society Executive Committee)

“I’m very happy to support Luke for Labour’s NEC. He has shown real guts, determination and leadership in response to recent changes within Labour and has stood out as someone prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure we have a Labour Party that’s fit for government again. The National Executive more than ever needs people who are not afraid to fight for the best interests of the Labour Party, which Luke has already more than proved he is prepared to do. I encourage all those who truly want Labour to return to government one day to vote for Luke.”
Nora Mulready

I’m backing Luke because Labour desperately needs NEC members who treat defeating the Tories in 2020 as an essential priority. Luke is accessible and committed to engaging with rank and file members.
Cllr Neil Nerva (Brent)

“I’ve known and had the pleasure of working with Luke for the past twenty-odd years. Whether as a local organiser, CLP officer, activist, parliamentary candidate, councillor or CLP representative on the NEC, Luke has been utterly dedicated to the Party. Luke has the experience and strategic vision required to serve on the executive body of our party and will be a strong voice for CLPs and ordinary members.”
Alan Olive (former London Labour Party Regional Director)

“Luke is one of the most effective local campaigners in the Labour Party. This combined with his total loyalty to our party makes him invaluable.”
Councillor Marie Pye (London Borough of Waltham Forest)