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“I’ve known Luke for more than 20 years.  He’s always worked tirelessly for Labour and I know he always will.”

Gloria De Piero MP, Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities

“Luke was an invaluable NEC member: diligent, creative, always driving the Party forward.”

Rt Hon Peter Hain MP

“Luke has experience at all levels of the Party, and an instinctive, sense of fairness. He is an experienced councillor and campaigner and would be a great asset to the NEC.”

Seema Malhotra MP  

“I have seen Luke’s contribution to Labour’s campaigns over more than two decades. His experience and sound political judgement back on the NEC can help us on our way towards victory at the General Election.”

Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development


“I have known Luke for over 20 years. He is a committed Labour activist with a proven track record. He was an excellent & hardworking NEC member and I am pleased to support his campaign to return to the NEC”

Stephen Twigg MP, Shadow Minister for Political & Constitutional Reform

“Luke is fearless and determined in standing up for the values and beliefs that make our Party great. He will be a brilliant member of the NEC.”

John Woodcock MP 

European Parliament Candidates


“Luke is one of the most energetic and experienced campaigners I have ever met. I have known Luke since his days in the European Socialist Youth and I have always been impressed by his integrity, loyalty, honesty, and knowledge. Luke’s work for Hackney Labour has always been superb and his experience, coupled with a life long commitment to the Labour movement, makes him an outstanding choice for the NE.”

Ivana Bartoletti, London Labour candidate for the 2014 European elections


“During Luke’s previous term on the NEC he spent a lot of time in Birmingham on the panel looking at our local government selections. He was consistently fair and always stood up for maximising local party democracy and the role of members. He is exactly the sort of person we need on Labour’s NEC.”

Sion Simon, West Midlands Labour Candidate for the 2014 European elections


Parliamentary Candidates


“Luke has been a thoughtful and constructive member of the NEC and we need him there again: able to navigate the difficult issues in a way that brings the party along and speaking for those who want to win. The party thrives when people like Luke are able to contribute fully, with guts, humour, dedication and a strategic mind. Unashamedly on the right of the party, he has friends and allies across the spectrum, not least because he is a committed trade unionist who values, and will fight to protect, the link the party has with organised labour.”

Polly Billington, Labour Candidate for Thurrock

“Luke was one of the most energetic and honest members of the NEC, consistently reporting and keeping in touch with the grass roots, and arguing on behalf of ordinary members. He understands that Labour can’t win elections without winning arguments in all parts of the country – there are no no-go areas for Luke, and therefore for Labour.”

Duncan Enright, Labour Candidate for Witney

“I first came to know Luke through our support of Ed Miliband’s campaign to be Leader of the Labour Party.  As a candidate in a marginal parliamentary constituency, I believe that consistent campaigning on the doorstep is essential if we are going to win the next election.  Having campaigned alongside Luke, I know that he is a tireless and dogged doorstep campaigner who isn’t afraid of putting in the hard graft that is necessary to win elections.  I know that as a member of the NEC, he will lead by example and will work to ensure that hardworking candidates and campaigners across the party have the voice and support that they need.”
Todd Foreman, Labour Candidate for North East Somerset


“We need Luke back on the NEC.  He is utterly committed to making sure members’ voices are heard.  During his previous term he demonstrated genuine commitment to the role, travelling right across the Country to meet with members and report back – he visited Leeds to speak at my own GC and our local members were very impressed by his willingness to engage, debate and then feed our views back to the Party’s leadership.  He is the strong and honest voice we need on the NEC – especially at this vital time as we move towards the next General Election.”

Jamie Hanley, Labour Candidate for Pudsey


“Luke may be from a different wing of the Party from me, but I will be voting for him for the NEC. His non-stop local activism, door knocking, leafleting and voter ID sessions, and his many years as a CLP Vice-Chair and local councillor, give him the credibility and authority to represent grassroots members. He is tribally Labour with a fiercely-burning loyalty. Most importantly for me, he is absolutely committed to retaining and building the link with our affiliated unions, essential to the identity and structure of our Party.”

Chris Matheson, Labour Candidate, City of Chester


“Luke is a tireless campaigner and advocate for members to be given a real voice in how our party is governed. Fighting against the Tories on the ground, I want to know we have NEC members focussed on the ideas and organisation that will help Labour win. Luke is that candidate.”

Andrew Pakes, Labour & Co-operative Candidate, Milton Keynes South

“Luke is a tireless activist, a champion for the rights of members and a strong defender of the trade union link. He’s just the sort of constituency representative we need on the NEC in a crucial general election year.”

Cllr Wes Streeting, Labour Candidate for Ilford North

“We need strong voices on the NEC who are not afraid to challenge and who can make things happen on behalf of members. Luke’s service to the Labour Party over the years is second to none. As we head towards a crucial general election aiming to be just a one-term opposition, the party needs our best people at the helm. That’s why I’m voting for Luke.”

Anna Turley, Labour Candidate, Redcar


“In the 20 years I have known Luke he has shown his complete commitment to the Labour Party. From his work as a local councillor to his work on the NEC he demonstrates his passion and belief in the importance of winning a Labour government. Not afraid of hard work, Luke would be well informed and strong voice for ordinary members on the NEC.”

Mari Williams, Labour Candidate, Cardiff North


“I have known Luke for over 20 years and throughout that time he has been a hard-working and committed campaigner for Labour victories in elections at all levels. Just the sort of person we need on the NEC in the run up to the vital 2015 General Election.”

Mary Wimbury, Labour Candidate, Aberconwy



Other Activists

“‘Luke understands that the NEC needs to be truly national, which is why he has consistently argued for CLP representation to be increased and distributed in a way that guarantees voices from all the regions and nations of the UK. On top of this, he is a determined campaigner and a consistent voice for common sense: exactly the type of person we need on the NEC.”

Lewis Atkinson (Independent Candidate for NEC, 2012)

“Luke hasn’t forgotten his roots in Labour Students and Young Labour. He is a consistent supporter of both organisations’ role in the Party. It is really important to have people on the NEC who will stand up for young members and back the Youth Rep when there are things we are trying to achieve. Luke did this in his previous NEC term when we needed rule changes as part of the Refounding Labour process. I would encourage other young members to vote for him.”

Bex Bailey, NEC Youth Rep

“What you see is what you get with Luke. He wins respect from all sections of the Labour party by being hardworking, committed and loyal. Whether you agree with him or not, Luke is accountable and always up for a debate. As the general election nears, Labour needs hardheaded and dedicated activists on the NEC. Luke fits the bill”.

Gus Baker, Former NPF Member

“Luke would be an asset to the NEC. His judgement is based on his huge experience of the Labour Party, including three terms as a local councillor.”
Cllr Theo Blackwell, Cabinet member for Finance LB Camden

“I have worked with Luke on council selection panel interviews in East London. He puts in a lot of time as a volunteer on tasks that are not glamorous but are essential to ensuring we get good councillors in some of London’s poorest and most diverse communities. He approaches this work with fairness and sensitivity to all the applicants. These are exactly the sort of qualities we need on the NEC.”
Cllr Laila Butt, Barking CLP, London Labour Regional Board


“A vehicle for unity and a symbol of hard work.”

Eoin Clarke, founder, Labour Left

“Having worked with Luke for some years now I can testify to his loyalty and dedication to our movement. Two things in particular symbolize Luke for me- his hard work and commitment whether organising election campaigns or simply canvassing with party members and leading by example at a grassroots level. And working with one and all regardless of political differences to deliver a Labour government in 2015. The incoming NEC will have this mission as its main objective and will benefit from his immense experience as a past member, councillor and grassroots activist!”
Unmesh Desai, Vice-Chair Campaigns,East Ham CLP, CLP agent to Stephen Timms, MP, London Labour Regional Board member

“Luke Akehurst has a very strong track record of standing up for party members whether they are from the Labour heartlands or third place rural CLPs. He will bring to the NEC his knowledge of serving as a senior councillor in London and being a hardworking PPC in Hampshire and Essex. As a trade unionist Luke believes in a strong link between the party and our affiliated TU’s.”

Cllr Keith Dibble, Aldershot CLP and member of Labour South East Board


“One of things I prize highly from our CLP representatives to the National Executive Committee is engaging with CLP members and reporting back on what’s happening. Luke’s reports back to members when he was on the NEC was crucial to understanding where we were going as party and how I could play my part.I want a campaigner who knows what its like to be a Councillor, and Luke has that experience having served as a Chief Whip in Hackney for 7 years, because of the role local government has to play in delivering a One Nation Labour government in 2015.Luke’s independence, politics and approach to Labour politics is what I’ll be voting for to ensure that we’re fighting fit and ready to win in 2015.”

Cllr Rowan Draper, Secretary, Stafford CLP


“I have known and worked closely with Luke for over 20 years.  He is informed, likeable and always ensures that members are fully aware about what’s happening or going to happen.  Luke is a committed activist who will always give his time, energy and enthusiasm to stand up for Labour’s principles and retain the trade union link and I am pleased to support his campaign.”

Dylan Jeffrey, Secretary, Folkestone & Hythe CLP

“Luke was a source of advice and support during my first year on the NEC. He is able to talk through difficult issues, not around them, and his insight and experience is hugely valuable.”

Conor McGinn, Socialist Societies’ Rep, Labour Party NEC


“Luke’s energy, enthusiasm and expertise will be an invaluable addition to the NEC, especially in the run up to the general election. Members from across the spectrum of views within the party respect Luke for his open and honest approach to policy and organisational issues. You won’t find a more conscientious or committed candidate to represent party members on the NEC.”

Joanne Milligan, Croydon South CLP, NEC Candidate in 2012

“In my four years as a Labour councillor in Hackney,  I found Luke to be one of the most supportive and knowledgeable people I’ve ever met, with a strong commitment to the Labour party and its values, locally and nationally.  As a young BME woman, I found his pastoral support of me in my first two years invaluable; I served as an assistant whip whilst he was chief whip, and he also mentored me, helping me navigate the party and local government as a whole. My experience of him is that he doesn’t pay lip service to what we as a party are about – he lives the values of inclusion, growth, diversity and community leadership.

I wholeheartedly support Luke’s candidature as an NEC representative.  His knowledge, expertise and passion will serve all sides of the party well as we enter an important phase ahead of the general election.”

Semakaleng Moema, Councillor (2006 – 2010), Hackney  Downs ward, London Borough of Hackney

“Luke is one of the best campaigners out there, and working with him in Hackney these past four years has been a privilege and an education.  He is meticulous, hardworking, reliable and fair.  In my role as Hackney LCF Secretary he has been an invaluable source of advice and experience to me.  He is committed to the trade union link and always has the best interests of the party and its members at heart.  I sincerely hope that he is re-elected to the NEC this summer.”

Patrick Moule, Secretary, Hackney LCF and Vice-Chair, Labour Party Irish Society

“Luke will bring to the NEC passion for a Labour  government and knowledge about how Labour can be sustained in office. I look forward to Luke returning to the NEC this autumn.”

Neil Nerva, Chair, Hampstead and Kilburn Clp & Vice-Chair, Jewish Labour Movement 

“Luke and I actually ran against each other in a hotly contested NPF election a while back. I’m endorsing him now though because I’ve seen that he brought to the NEC in his previous term serious understanding of organisation and campaigns, a tough independent-minded approach that sees him do what is right for the party, whatever the external pressure, and a real understanding of and commitment to maintaining the union link.”

Alon Or-bach, National Policy Forum Rep for London

“Just one of his countless contributions to the party is his achievement in getting hundreds of councillors elected, not least through his highly successful election campaigns here in Hackney. No armchair activist, he is always out on the doorstep himself, leading from the front. His campaigning skills and commitment to the Labour party has rightly earned him the respect of members across the party.

It has been a privilege to know and work with Luke over the past 16 years and I would welcome his re-election to the NEC.”

Jules Pipe, elected Mayor of Hackney 


“I’ve known Luke for two decades and I know no one with more dedication to our party, its members and its future success. We need Luke on the NEC.”

Paul Richards, Vice-Chair, Eastbourne CLP

“Luke Akehurst is a friend to organisers, a Must Read blogger for members and an expert on what it takes to win. The NEC needs that mix of savvy and strength in the battles ahead. And members need Luke as their voice in them.”

Marcus Roberts, Field Director, Ed Miliband for Leader Campaign 2010 (personal capacity)

“Luke is a Labour Party loyalist, a great campaigner and he was a strong advocate for party members when he was on the NEC.  We need people like Luke on the NEC as we get election ready for 2015.”

Ruth Smeeth, Burton CLP, NEC Candidate in 2012

“Luke Akehurst is one of the hardest working, committed and experienced Labour campaigners I have ever met. Anyone who’s met him for 5 minutes knows he’s Labour through and through. This is a man who clearly understands our history as a political party, he knows how we got here, and where it is we’re going to. I will be proudly supporting Luke’s campaign and wish him the best of luck in all his efforts.”

Sarah Ward, Croydon South CLP, former NEC member






3 thoughts on “Endorsements 2014

  1. Like others I may disagree with Luke on certain issues. However, I know he is a vigorous and committed campaigner with an independent mind who will be an asset to the NEC. I know Luke through his membership of Unite and his involvement with the Councillors Network. He is a strong defender of the trade union link.

    Councillor Tom Beattie, Leader of Corby Borough Council.

  2. I have known Luke for a number of years. He is dedicated, highly committed and would make an excellent representative for any body in which he chose to be involved.

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