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I’m 43. I grew up in Kent and went to university in Bristol. I’m the fourth generation from my family to be active in the Labour Party – my great grandfather was Labour Mayor of Gravesend. I lived in Hackney for 16 years with my wife Linda. Both of us were Labour councillors for 12 years each, we stood down from the Council in 2014 in order to move to be near Linda’s family in Oxford, where we are already getting involved in the local Labour Party. I’m Vice-Chair (Membership) of Oxford Labour, and Linda is a city councillor representing Blackbird Leys. We have two sons, Jed (10), and Ben (4). I worked for 11 years as a director at a public relations company, but in 2011 took up a new day job running a grassroots  campaign supporting Israel – the Middle East is always a controversial issue but I wanted to play a part in advocating a two-state solution as this is a cause I have been involved with for a long time. In 2009 I was hospitalised for five months with a severe neurological illness caused by a bone marrow cancer, which left me using a wheelchair for a year. I’ve recovered well, though my mobility is still and will always remain a bit impaired. The experience has reinforced my commitment to the NHS.


Speaking about the NHS from my wheelchair at Conference 2009

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  1. Hi Luke,

    I will give you my support. Very glad to hear you have made a good recovery. I voted for Jeremy Corbyn last time but will not do so again after he failed to reach out to the wider Labour party, and after he failed to make a strong case for remaining in the EU. I would like to see a Labour leader with a clear alternative to the failed austerity policy of the current government, and with a commitment to reconsidering the disastrous decision to leave the EU, based on what was a deeply flawed referendum. I will send you photos of the Lord Cecil, which they have turned into pretty nice flats! All best wishes

    David Chernaik

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